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Delta and her letter D

Meet Delta and her letter D.

Favourite Letter: d

Qualities: Tidy, Personable, Confident.

Tiny, beautiful and tidy, that is what friends and family say about Delta, and they are right. She is lovely, always tidying around and helping with the house work. Delta keeps her pet, Peep, clean and tidy too.

After school she likes to get her home work done first, then she will play with her friends and her toys. After her evening meal she will help wash the dishes and then play on the computer or watch telly before she goes to bed and cuddles up with Raggy, her doll.

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You can read more about Delta and her friends in the Antons books. The Early Learning books introduce Delta, her friends and the pets while in the Personalised books you can go on an adventure with Delta to learn about the Amazonian Rainforest.


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