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On-Off and his letter O

Meet On-Off and his letter O.

Favourite Letter: o

Qualities: Safety First, Exercise, Environmentally Friendly.

On-Off is the best swimmer. He is very fast. He always has friends and family with him when he is swimming in the sea or a lake. He knows this is the best way to stay safe in the water. He often goes to the swimming baths by himself as he loves swimming so much.

On-Off likes to have a picnic on the side of a river bank. He loves the smell of the country air and the sound of the river running by. He also likes the sounds of the animals and birds. He always makes sure to take all his rubbish back home with him so the countryside is nice and clean next time he goes.

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You can read more about On-Off and his friends in the Antons books. The Early Learning books introduce On-Off, his friends and the pets.


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