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Wink and his letter W

Meet Wink and his letter W.

Favourite Letter: w

Qualities: Helping Others, Sensible behaviour.

"Ar! Ar! Ar!" "Oi!Oi!Oi!" What is all that noise? It is Ark and Oil, Wink’s pets, calling for him. Wink loves his pets and they love him. He takes good care of them and makes sure they are happy, clean and well fed. Wink likes to look after other peoples pets too. He often walks dogs for friends and family when they are too busy to do it themselves. Sometimes, when he is walking a big dog, he will tell people in the park that the dog is friendly so they wont be afraid. He is very sensible.

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You can read more about Wink and his friends in the Antons books. The Early Learning books introduce Wink, his friends and the pets.


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