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X-Ray and his letter X

Meet X-Ray and his letter X.

Favourite Letter: x

Qualities: Protective Clothes, Litter conscious.

Like Vanilla, X-Ray likes to dress for the occasion. He has his big boots and gloves on because he has volunteered to help clean up his neighbourhood. He is helping clean up all the rubbish. Rubbish can be harmful to people and animals, and it makes the streets where he lives look very untidy and dirty.

X-Ray never drops paper or any rubbish on the ground. He always puts his waste in the bin or takes it home with him. He does not like dirty people who drop litter and does not understand why people do it as it is so easy to put it in the bin.

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You can read more about X-Ray and his friends in the Antons books. The Early Learning books introduce X-Ray, his friends and the pets.


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