Learn Your ABCs with The Antons educational childrens books. Would your child love to see thier name in a story?
"I have bought the set of early learning books for my nephew aged 9. Richard has some degree of learning difficulty and lacks self-confidence, especially with reading ..... he became very keen to read the Antons books ..... I will certainly recommend them to other people."

Mrs S Oldham, Liverpool

What people are saying about The Antons.

The Antons books and methods have gained huge support from parents and teachers alike who have chosen to try out our books with children in their care. Please see below some brief comments and one outstanding letter of support:

Dear Tony
I am just writing to say how much the Anton books have really helped my son. My son Joshua is 7 years old and suffers from Autism and currently attends Alder Hey Special school.

Joshua is interested in Ancient Greece and due to his lack of reading skills a doctor at Alder Hey suggested looking for books that would interest him e.g. Ancient Greece and foxes as he's obsessed with these.

One day I was in town and saw your books and decided to take a look, and to my surprise I noticed Alfa (Ancient Greece) so of course I had to buy it and I also bought the flip cards.

Tony your books are amazing. My son learned all the Antons names in just one day "yes just one day" and he recognised their names even without looking at the pictures. What schools have tried to do in years, your books Tony did in a day. Hard to believe isn't it?

Tony I feel that its due to the fact that your books capture my sons imagination and when he realised he was actually within the book itself he was ecstatic and couldn't wait to go back to Ancient Greece. What I really like about your books is that they are all fact-based, although they take the child into a world of fantasy the child is also learning of history and facts which I believe is a brilliant way of learning. I am also really pleased with the safety messages to the child. My son is so vulnerable and would go off with anyone due to his condition, to the point doctors have said he must never be alone.

The Antons who have now become my son's best friends have put across to him the dangers of going with strangers, plus many other things like playing with matches. All messages that I myself could never put across to Josh, but the Antons have.

So Tony I would just like to say a big thank you for creating the Antons and I am sure many other children would enjoy them as Josh has.

Anita Lyon, Liverpool

"The Antons have been a revelation with my Year 5 class (9 & 10 year olds). From Art to English they have proven to be ideal for creative, inspirational work and I would recommend them in any classroom"

Julian Downham LLB(Hons)P.G.C.E., Year 5 Teacher, Summerhill C.P. School, Maghull

"The Antons books were well received by the children in my class - favourites have already been chosen! Used in conjunction with the cards, they are a useful tool in the classroom. Additionally, the introductions at the start of the books have proved to be useful for teachers planning."

Mr Wong, Classroom Teacher, St Vincent de Paul Primary School

"My 5 year old daughter was given a set of the Antons books 6 weeks ago. She is very taken with them. The characters have held her interest throughout .... she didn't get bored with them which she normally does."

Miss J English, Liverpool

"Its about time someone came up with cartoon characters that are totally caring, sharing and non-violent. I think the Antons are great. What a good example to set our children"

Dawn Ogden, Maghull

"Just a line to say thank you for your lovely "ANTONS". My son James has a problem in pronouncing his CH TH SH. He does attend speech therapy monthly .... the first ANTON he related to was CLIP-CLOP. Also he pronounced it properly instead of saying shlip-shlop or something .... he enjoys your ANTONS. Thanking you Tony because without them he would probably still not be able to pronounce some words. Keep up the good work"

Mrs Laver, Halewood

Email the Author at with any comments or questions you may have. Tony will reply to all emails personally and is happy to take enquiries about personal appearances.

Are you looking for an easy yet exciting way to teach your child their ABCs?

Introduce them to the unusual and colourful Antons alphabet characters with moral values.

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The Antons are colourful characters that engage your child's imagination

The Antons are colourful characters that engage your child's imagination

The Antons are colourful characters that engage your child's imagination